Dr. Khan's Availability


Please continue to check this page regarding availability of new appointments. It is updated regularly.

  • May, 2016: No new patients accepted until September 2016.
  • Jan, 2015: Accepting new patients.
  • August, 2013: Limited number of new patients to be accepted until January 2014, when new slots will open.
  • January, 2013: Accepting new patients; availability for some remaining 8pm, 9pm, or 10pm slots.
  • November, 2012: Not accepting new patients.
  • March, 2012: Walist for evening times; availability for 9pm or 10pm slots.
  • January, 2012: Accepting new patients.
  • March, 2011: Additional hours added; accepting new patients.
  • August, 2010: Not accepting any new patients at this time.
  • April, 2010: Practice full and no longer accepting any new patients.
  • December, 2009: Accepting new patients.
  • August, 2008: Accepting new patients.
  • September, 2007: Accepting new patients.

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